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May 17, 2020 1 min read

250gm Pork cubed *

Quarter Cucumber diced

Small Carrot diced

Small Onion diced

50gm pineapple chunks

Half Bell Pepper diced

1 Pouch Vi Sweet & Sour Sauce

200-500gm Cornflour

Tsp salt

Tsp Pepper

Chickpea juice or water

Sunflower oil.

Mix Pork, salt and pepper in a bowl and leave to chill for 10-30mins.

Add 2-3 tbsp of water/Chickpea juice into the pork mix. 

Place corn flour in a large plastic bag or tray.  Pour in cornflour and coat pork well in the flour.

In a frying pan pour in enough Sunflower oil so its about an 1-2 high.  Heat oil in high heat.  When the oil is hot place small pieces of pork in one at a time to cook until golden brown and crispy.  It will float to the top.  Careful not to put too many pieces in the pan at once.  Place on a rack or kitchen towel to drain excess oil. 

In a separate pan heat up 2 tbsp of Sunflower oil. Saute the vegetables until al dente then add in Vi Sweet and Sour Sauce bring to boil.  Add in the crispy pork pieces and toss to coat in vegetable melody.  

Serve with boiled rice, chips or noodles. 


*also good with Chicken, Prawns, Tofu, Beef, Fish Bites