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May 17, 2020 1 min read

250gm Clearspring Organic Soya Mince*
1 medium Aubergine cubed
1 small onion diced
Handful of bamboos shoots (optional)
Half leek cut into rings
1 Pouch Vi Chilli & Garlic Sauce
4 tbsp. Sunflower oil
Salt to taste

Heat frying pan with 2 tbsp oil. Sear the aubergine cubes so it’s slightly cooked. Remove and place to one side.

Heat pan again and add remaining oil fry diced onions until fragrant, add in mince and stir until golden brown add in remaining vegetables including aubergine and stir fry for 2 minutes.

Add in 4tbsp of Vi Chilli & Garlic Sauce. Whole packet if you prefer it to be saucy and hot. Bring to boil and close pan with lid and simmer for further 2minute until aubergines softens. Salt to taste.

Serve hot with boiled steamed rice or warm rice noodles.#veganfood#veganlife#organicfood#organicliving#Glutenfree#dairyfree

*Meat Option, replace with 12% fat beef mince*